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Fifth Harmony featuring Ty Dolla Sign – Work from Home.


I ain’t worried bout nothin
I ain’t wearin na nada
I’m sitting pretty, impatient
But I know you gotta
Put in those hours
Imma make it harder
I’m sendin pic after picture
Imma get you fired
I know you’re always on that night shift
But I can’t stand these nights alone
I don’t need no explanation
Baby you’re the boss at home

You don’t gotta go towork
But you gotta put in work
You don’t gotta go to work
Let my body do the work
We can work from home

Let’s put it into motion
Imma give you a promotion
I’ll make it feel like a vacay
Turn the bed into an ocean
We don’t need nobody
I just need your body
Nothin but sheets in between us
Ain’t no gettin off early

Oh, yeah
Girl gotta work for me
Can you make it clap
No hands for me
Take it to the ground
Pick it up for me
Look back at it
All on for me
Put in work like my timesheet
She ride it like a ’63
Imma buy her no Celine
Let her ride in a foreign with me
Oh, she the bae, I’m her boo
And she down to break the rules
Ride or die, she gone go
I won’t judge, she finesse
I pipe her, she take that
Puttin’ overtime on your body

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